artesian basin

artesian basin
A body of water more or less compact, moving through soils with more or less resistance

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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  • artesian basin — /aˌtiʒən ˈbeɪsən / (say ah.teezhuhn baysuhn) noun a geological structural feature or combination of such features in which water is confined under pressure …  

  • artesian basin — A body of water more or less compact, moving through soils with more or less resistance …   Black's law dictionary

  • Great Artesian Basin — The Great Artesian Basin provides the only reliable source of water through much of inland Australia. The basin is the largest and deepest artesian basin in the world, covering a total of 1,711,000 square km. It underlies 23% of the continent,… …   Wikipedia

  • Great Artesian Basin — noun a large artesian water bearing basin underlying one fifth of the area of Australia; including about two thirds of Qld, and parts (in decreasing order of magnitude) of SA, NSW and the NT; one of the world s largest. 1 735 300 km2. The vast… …  

  • Great Artesian Basin —   [ greɪt ɑː tiːzjən beɪsn], Great Australian Basin [ greɪt ɔ streɪljən beɪsn], Beckenlandschaft in Australien, Großes Artesisches Becken …   Universal-Lexikon

  • Great Artesian Basin — ▪ basin, Australia also called  Great Australian Basin,         one of the largest areas of artesian water in the world, underlying about one fifth of Australia. It includes most of the Darling and Lake Eyre catchments and extends northward to… …   Universalium

  • Artesian aquifer — See Great Artesian Basin for the water source in Australia. An artesian aquifer is a confined aquifer containing groundwater that will flow upwards through a well without the need for pumping. Water may even spurt out of the ground if the natural …   Wikipedia

  • artesian bore — noun A bore hole drilled in an artesian basin to produce an artificial artesian well …   Wiktionary

  • artesian well — noun a) An aquifer in which water rises to the surface under its own hydrostatic pressure. b) A bore hole in an artesian basin …   Wiktionary

  • Eromanga Basin — The Eromanga Basin is a large Mesozoic sedimentary basin in central and northern Australia. It covers parts of Queensland, the Northern Territory, South Australia, and New South Wales, and is a major component of the Great Artesian Basin.External …   Wikipedia

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